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Sales Development Manager

New York, US




$130,000 - $150,000

*This post was created on behalf of one of Bravado’s clients.

Our client's mission is to improve business efficiency without sacrificing human connection to make quality housing more accessible. Our client has built a revolutionary conversational AI that can answer any and every question in real time, automate business processes, and allow seamless collaboration between teams. Being well-funded by VCs, our client is now looking for a promising Sales Development Manager to join the team.

Location: US, New York

About the Role

Our client is looking for a passionate, data-driven Sales Development Manager to join the team. You will be responsible for guiding and developing the Sales Development team, helping to accelerate pipeline generation and drive new business growth. You will have the opportunity to help scale a world class Business Development Team for one of the world’s most innovative AI companies.

Key Responsibilities

Minimum Qualifications

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